YTO Light-type Crawler Tractor C702S Export to Australia

    On the 28th March, 2019, one unit YTO light-type crawler tractor C702S with implements export to Australia.

    Main function:
    This model is suitable for the paddy field and dry field assignments, for different implements for rotary tillage, plough, rake, sowing project, such as the optional shovel to light bulldozing operation.
    1. Use YD series CN Ⅲ engine, energy conservation and environmental protection;                                                                                                               
    2. The single chip, dry type, single main clutch, flexible manipulation of light;                     
    3. A three-stage automatic gearbox, realize without soil under the condition of operation, reasonable matching gear, economical, convenient and reliable control;                                                                                                                    
    4. Welding the main frame and the vehicle frame, high strength, suitable for light load plough homework;                                                                                                                 
    5. High driving wheel, triangle arrangement to gap is high, suitable for paddy field;                                                 
    6. Type of luggage frame, balance the pallet, roller life is long, the machine good riding comfort, small vibration;                                                                                                        
    7. Rubber crawler walking system, suitable for all the surface road;                                   
    8. Class II suspension system, I break in pieces the grave, can be equipped with rotary tiller and other implements;                                                                                                   
    9. The optional plow, can undertake light load bulldozing homework;                                
    10. Elegant appearance, quality first-class, can use the optional cab.
    Main Technical Parameters:
    Model   C702S
    Type   Light crawler tractors
    Overall dimensions(L*W*H) mm 3100*1700*2600
    Min。 operating weight Kg 2020
    Track base mm 1150
    Wheelbase mm 1439
    Track width mm 350
    Min.ground clearance mm 419
    Land pressure(with shovel) kpa ≤24
    Engine model   YD4HZ70C1
    Rated power kw 51.5
    Rated speed r/min 2400
    Transmission gears number F/R 3/3
    Travel speed km/h 0-9.7
    PTO power kw 44
    PTO speed r/min 540/720
    Clutch   Monolithic single-acting clutch
    Suspension type   rear suspension,class II
    Tillage depth control direction   height adjustment
    Lifting force kN 8
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