‘YTO’ Across borders, delivering warmth

    Yesterday morning at luoyang - bukhara comprehensive agricultural industrial park the first agricultural equipment start ceremony held in China, 20 sets of supporting agriculture equipment from China to bukhara city of luoyang is located in uzbekistan - bukhara comprehensive agricultural industrial park project is located 2000 hectares of green beans harvest.The first shipment of 20 agricultural equipment including YTO mung bean harvest machine, tractors and agricultural machinery by yituo (luoyang) logistics company to the escort, in luoyang start after this batch of agricultural equipment across the border from xinjiang huoerguos port is expected to reach bukhara before September 23.

    Eight red mung bean harvest machine at the scene of the grid is particularly striking, YTO farmers with complete set of sales department chief introduction this is closed in YTO luoyang company's latest research and development of new products to solve the problems of mung bean plant cannot grain harvest mechanization and offers the mung bean large-scale cultivation of equipment guarantee.Bukhara, uzbekistan is the friendly city of luoyang to comply with the national "area" construction and agricultural development strategy of "going out", in May this year the city of luoyang luoyang with hala state - bukhara comprehensive agricultural demonstration zone project sign marks the project will be implemented officially start!
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